Friday, October 3, 2008

Great News Site

This is a personal fav of mine. This site will be great. They are just starting out but have long history of blogging.Give this one a try. This will let you know how it really is int he news world. News the way you like it.

Here is a great example.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The McCains are Liars

There is are serious problem with the McCains. They can't stop lying. Let me list just some of the lies they have been telling.

  1. Cindy lied about Mother Teresa convincing her to adopt he daughter.
  2. Cindy lying about her “family recipe”, it was actually from the Food Network.
  3. Cindy and her addiction to drugs scandal.
  4. Cindy lying about being an only child.


  1. John lying about his vet voting record.
  2. John lying in when he was in Pittsburgh saying it was the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineup he named as his squadron mates when he was being interrogated in Vietnam. Everybody knows in his book he wrote it was the Green Bay Packers.
  3. John lied about the cross in the sand story being his when in reality he plagiarized it from Solzhenitsyn.
  4. John lied in 2006, he said on "HARDBALL," quote, I think that gay marriage should be allowed. Then after the commercial break he added, I do not believe that gay marriages should be legal.

It if were just a few things I would say that given his age it was just a few memory lapses. But this forms a consistent pattern of lying and embellishing the truth to suit his own goals. This reminds me of a guy who did the same thing and started the Iraq war. Do we really need more of this.

For an even more complete and scary list of his lies and Flip-flops go here.

My First Instance of Hummer Rage

I was driving down the road in my Chevy Malibu when a jerk in a white Hummer H2 decided he wanted to be in my lane and just moved on over without looking or using his turn signal. This forced me into the center turn lane despite my honking.

This made something click in my head. Over the past couple of year I have heard all about "Prius Rage" because they go annoyingly slow to get really good gas mileage. No with $4 gas we have changed as a society. We now envy the Prius driver and truly hate the Hummer driver. Now every time I see one it creates a visceral reaction of "Hummer Rage".

My Inaugural Post

This will be a blog about my views on life. You can call me a Liberal. I am a reformed Republican. Prior to day we elected George W., I was a Republican. I always leaned left a few issues but more because I was a fiscal conservative. Well the Republican has seen to it that people like me won't go near them and have solidified my place in the Democratic Party.

We have an interesting, fast change future ahead of us. These are my views on it.